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Saturday 4th June 2011
Montreal, Cut on the Bias
Session 1
Susan Cahill, Janis, Ingrid, Anthea
Contemporary war art in Canada and Australia
Data is also a material
Return of arts and crafts movement, organic and anti technology developments.
Dial up modems in Cuba so questions of access to technology not globally available.
Access to  technology very different in different parts of the world.
Technologies shape us physically and philo.
India, mobiles and platforms
Dial up modem in 1990s, Ingrid. Working with programmers
Nomad   sleeping beauty awake.  News  groups 1992/3.  Text based, women to discuss, Concordia, goldsmiths, cal arts, body and technology, Katherine Richards women being written out of media history. Immersive,  interactive and virtual and immersive.  Analogue  and digital in dialogue. Interaction  and participatory. See Material Matters and Object of Labour.
Shock of the New: media
Questions of gender, to   be rethought.
Textiles and technology: material immaterial
Sherry Turkle: Alone Together
Sadie Plant: Zeros and Ones
Phoebe Sengers
Attention spans different with the web
Computers  at work, school, formal and informal settings. Blurred between essays and facebook.
DIY is it against technology?
Issolating?  Turkle performing  yourself.
Resurgence of stitch  and bitch, hard wired and soft values.
DIY encounters with new technologies, open up pathways of creative use.
Tools find alternative uses to that which they were purposed.
Paradox of DIY, political  ideals but falls into capitalistic dialogue. What is being achieved by the DIY  movement. Socially aware . Neo liberalism. Culture as resource.  Supports entrepreneurial.
Questions of choice, electronic billboards, scanned.
Choice is everywhere but there is no choice.
Critique but what next?  Theoretical conundrums.
Touch and  material. Home and hobby  kit.
Sustained attention  between virtual and physical worlds, flow of information, thread and data.
Institutionally structured.
Overspecialisation and interdisciplinarity
Piecemeal, new field of study and areas of reseach? Fields of knowledge?
Catch terms for funding.
Unlearn expectations of liberalism, unlearning fields to generate new research. Relinquishing  authority.
Collaborative knowledge production
Third voice… writing collaboratively. Giving up control.
Combined brain, third mind.   Alternative type of space. Artists books schemes.
Identity, types of collaboration and counter cultures. Hacker groups but not identified as themselves but only as a whole. Paradox of owning and sharing.
Illusion that collaboratively  is seen as superior. Creative Commons.
Being  implicated, taking responsibility.
Embodied criticality, affect, proposition and positioning,  Provisonality.
Crusing utopia.
Writing selves in craft theory.  Personalised docs.
Physical labour. All research is on the internet, mediated by technology. Self reflexivity.  Tacit knowledge. Learn how to touch a computer.
Subetly of stitch to computing actions,. Micro chips/third world women/dexterity.
Computer as an extension of self.
Giving Google too much of my memory, directional sense to GPS.
Gaps between theoretical and practice gaps.
Different categories, concepts and themes. Sociological impulse.

Saturday pm 4th June 2011
Session 2
Ingrid, Janis, Anna, Sarah Q
Crafts and the amateur, innovation is contradictory to craft and method. Art historians as   truthful.  Required as textile history and decorative art class. Only gets taught through decorative arts.
Relational studies as  unacknowledged to feminist canon.
Ghosts of  manufacturing economy and trade.  Hand economy and a new niche. Return to a feudal order.  Devalued industrialised economy.  Throw away culture. Issue of repair. Reductive movement of Bishop, nostalgia.  Textiles belonging to cultures that do not have an art/craft divide.  Another way of looking at material culture. Kinships and different models of health.

Sunday am 5tth June
Group 1
Lisa/Ingrid/Kelly and Janis
Frontiers/ Frontiers?
Open ended but thematic framework, non linear narrative, up down and sidewards as in a geopgraphical turn.
Wiki model, site and social geography across borders of fixing identities
Modal map, non linear and different material out into the different nodes
Bordure (as in French)
Multi media/multi modal
Always thinking in the contradictory
Frontiers as porous
Text as a textiles and what is material, data and code as material
Starting point to see what can be gathered and cyberarchiveology, pedagogical tool. Projects then would then emerge.
Group 2
Freddie, Ana, Luoane and Ruth
Estarfeta (relay), passing things between us cf Olympiads
Artist exchange and  physical work. Travel and exchange.
Theme and mythology, witchcraft and a coven, trade and across the ocean.
Material and disappear into the ocean.
Repeated process, empheral process.
Project through blog and passed on, and blogged together. Documented all along
Across ocean and collaboration and gift who might even find the gift floating
Group 3
3. Amanda, Denis, Ann, Nicole
between history, theory and practice
issues and dilemma, integration of these areas
Inside or outside academia? Course, workstudy, exhibition, curatorial project. How to match people?
Set up frameworks as to assist strategies, geographies and mapping
Social spaces for interdisciplinary discussions to include eating and drinking, informal exchange
Move back into an academic context?
Proposal for a non hierarchy residency in school, intergenerational mix and collaborations across ie critic/artists/historians in residence.
Who might these people be? Already working in or firmly situated and then a challenge.
Group 4
Rachel Beth, Anthea, Sharon, Joey
A site date G

for collaborators
Creating a third mind and/or a third space
Stretches across a lot of different disciplines.
Making a place for collaboration to happen. Open and outcomes are determined by a willingness to a goal that is yet to be determined.
Theme of un made  as a productive strategy and a deliberate act (read as political)
The unmade can be seen as negative but constructed as a space for possibility cf Penelope see Ruth S’s work on. Crafty strategy.
International residency proposed called the Unmade. You cannot enter with any ideas. Participants to bring things that needed  repair. Over a weekend and followed by an exhibition.. Objects put in a space to kick off the unmaking or re making process. Each day a new project is started. Could you teach someone to unthink things? Towards a  transformation. Tine based photography to document process.
Group 5
Sarah, Elaine, Susan, McKenzie
Idea of the Institute, , trade ideas, knowing. Idea of translation Goals connected to this workshop In Montreal. Generation of new kinds of knowledge. Mandate, catalyst for activation of object, creating  expectations and minding the gap and generative collaborations. National organisation for international  knowledge exchange.
Scholarships and bursaries. Revolving workshops and across makers and non makers.
Artist books/ scheduled skype lecture and seminars
Group 6
Hannah, Carry, Kirsty, Kathleen
Non verbal room
Non experience generator, awkward experiences as generative
Happening today and share experience in the now with the embellishment room, level 9. Forced into an encounter or solitary experience as interrupted. Invite volunteer donation and regrouping money for ideas.
Lisa Summing Up
Keywords and Concepts
Breaking down boundary disciplines, institutional purposes and funding
Generations and the generative
Thinking through the unmaking, collapsing hierarchies, making new materials and new possibilities
Need for opportunities to meet and within a social space and a space for ideas to grow. Different to formal conferences.
How does annual event take place?

Think Tank, EU Initiative
Institute for Figuring a cross disciplinary space across art and science
Institute for generating ideas without formal credits.
An a tongue in cheek.
Physical and web space, sharing out. Not just a context provider but active in forming ideas.


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