Ana Paula Fuentes Quintana

Ana Paula Fuentes was born in Mexico City and holds a B.A. degree in Textile Design with post graduate studies in Knit and Fashion Knitwear Design. Influences from the time she spent at the Cochineal Center in Oaxaca, Mexico, she based her thesis on the Oaxacan huipil, its origin, evolution and its actual use.

Ana Paula has worked in Barcelona, Spain and Mexico City designing fashion knitwear collections for Knit-Knit, Dover, Vitos and Escorpion. Co-founder of the experimental “11011 studio” in Oaxaca City. She has collaborated with more than twenty contemporary artists in exhibitions, performances, installations and concerts. She was also founder of “artesana”, a new craft products market network for Mexico. The “artesana” experience put her in contact with dozens of artisans from different communities throughout Oaxaca.

She has been Director of the Textile Museum of Oaxaca, founded by the Alfredo Harp Helú Foundation, since 2006. Currently she spends her time developing original projects, fomenting cultural exchange, initiating workshops, colloquiums, outreach programs and mounting sales-exhibitions involving Oaxaca´s textile makers.


Nicole Burisch, Hannah Claus, Ana Paula Fuentes


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