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RESIDENCY OPPORTUNITIES (forwarded by Luanne Martineau)

ARTIST-in-RESEARCH, SOLO, The Propeller Fund:
Artist-in-Research: September 1st
SOLO: August 31st
The Propeller Fund: August 1st

EXHIBITIONS AT THE MUSEO TEXTIL DE OAXACA (forwarded by Ana Paula Fuentes Quintana)

Sarape, Kilim y Röllakan, tapestry weavings from around the world:

Woven lives. Contemporary Textiles from Ancient Oaxacan Traditions – Documentary Trailer:

Quechquemitl, unique tradition from Mexico:

ELECTRIC FOXY (Forwaded from Joanna Berzowska)

Clothing is a core part of our expression and offers ways for us to communicate who we are and the context in which we live. Technology enables a richer connection with people and our environment and offers a new platform for communication and expression.

By merging the intimacy of clothing with the empowerment of technology, electricfoxy garments strive to enhance our lives and offer a much richer language for self-expression.

As an outcome, rather than simply attaching technology to clothing, electricfoxy investigates garments that have electronics built directly into them resulting in a new aesthetic of form and behavior that become a core part of our expression, our identity, and our individuality.


From Freddie Robbins:

Craft in Transition
Jorunn Veiteberg
Bergen National Academy of the Arts, 2005
ISBN 82-8013-051-9
In this publication Veiteberg approaches craft from three different perspectives: the historical, aesthetic and the contemporary art perspective. She also discusses what happens when the material becomes the medium and argues in the defence of beauty as having value itself.

Think Tank
Think Tank is an European initiative for the applied arts. It is a group of 9 leading thinkers, writers, theorists, curators and makers representing a broad range of European countries, including Jorunn Veiteberg. All participants of THINK TANK are deeply engaged with craft and design, through writing, teaching and lecturing.
Prick Your Finger is a yarn shop and gallery in Bethnal Green, London UK run by Rachael Matthews (the brains behind the UK knitting collective Cast Off) and Louise Harries. The gallery program presents innovative applications of textiles in a post-consumer world.  They show work with narrative, politics, or which challenges the pre-conceptions of what textiles can be. Prick Your Finger adheres to the DIY ethics as taught by straight edge punks Fugazi. Once you have learned the rules you can break them.  What you become through the process of making, is as important as the outcome.


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