Sharon Peoples

Sharon Peoples was appointed convener on Museum Education and Heritage Interpretation in 2011 and as lecturer in the Internship Program of the Liberal Arts at the Research School of Humanities in 2008. She completed her PhD in 2009 in Fashion Theory within the Art History Department at the Australian National University. Her thesis investigated the issue of appearance and power in military uniforms in the eighteenth century. While this project began by examining cross-dressing in the military, the research turned to the formation of the ‘normative’ masculine body and examined how a female body might inhabit, not only such an institutional masculine dress, but also what Marcel Mauss termed ‘techniques of the body’. Sharon maintains a profile as an exhibiting artist, lecturing in textiles at the ANU School of Art, curating textile exhibitions and writing in the crafts. Sharon is currently co-authoring The Fashion Studies Book (Routledge) with Professor Jennifer Craik.

Grainger Studies Journal



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