additional readings

Participants can send pdfs and information for any additional readings they would like to post here to

from Janis Jefferies:

Alinah and Kai-Oi

2010 (Jan) ‘One and another: a handshake with the ancestors’ in The
Shape of Things, Alinah Azadeh, The Gifts, Bristol Museum and Art Gallery,
ISBN 978-0-9564845-0-5, pp1-7. download pdf

2010 (Sept)  ‘The Artist as Researcher  in a Computer Mediated Culture’,
in Art Practices in a Digital Culture, eds Gardiner and Gere, Ashsgate
Publishing, ISBN 978-0-7546-7623-2, pp. 27-42. download pfd

‘Pattern, Patterning, Probe, in The happening of the social: devices,
sites and methods, editors, Celia Lury and Nina Wakeford (sociology),
Routledge Publications,  forthcoming  September 2012. download pdf

Nicolas Bourriaud, Precarious Constructions. Answer to Jacques Rancière on
Art and Politics.

from Dennis Stevens:

It might be interesting to have participants reflect on the manner in which we are organizing, solidifying and forming solidarities relative to our own shared and presumed “worldviews” within the craft community.

Within all this exchange and meaning-making that we will be doing, there remains an inherent difficulty of really “knowing” what the external, non-indoctrinated and ultimately, subjectively-oriented viewer/audience member/participant thinks and feels about the work that they encounter.  The following article points to the difficulty of imagining our own subjectivity in a novel way.

Nagel, T. (1974, Oct.). What Is It Like to Be a Bat?,  The Philosophical Review, Vol. 83, No. 4. (Oct., 1974), pp. 435-450. dowload pdf

from Dennis Stevens:

from Carrie Lee Kitzul

Doug Ashford, Wendy Ewald, and Nina Felshin, with Patricia C. Phillips. “A Conversation on Social Collaboration.” Art Journal. Summer 2006. 58-82


§ One Response to additional readings

  • Some of you might like to check out

    As stated

    “A new maker community is emerging, connecting the culture of traditional skills and materials with modern-day digital production, distribution and interaction techniques. Taking a conference strand from discussion to practical exploration, Handmade brings the dialogue to life around the intersection of craft and digital culture, in one of Manchester’s prime heritage locations.

    Victoria Baths co-hosts a day of contemporary craft. digital hacking, interactivities and DIY culture. This is an all-new forum for Crafters, Hackers and Digital Innovators to share ideas and practice, led by some of the UK’s leading digital crafters. Our Handmade Fair will showcase a variety of artists, whilst the UK’s only FabLab moves to Handmade for the day, inviting the public to play with their digital manufacturing equipment and create something they can take away with them.”

    One of my PhD students EunJoo is producing devices as DIY Pacwoman for women only workshops and her website is

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